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We are multidimensional beings; what this means is that we are more than just physical beings fighting for survival.

We are here to have a very personal and a collective experience at the same time.

The concept of evolution helps to think that we are gaining little nuggets of consciousness here and there every few decades and so we move forward. This concept have keep us away from the real truth of our eternal and indivisible nature.

A real sense of freedom comes from the inner alignment with our most natural multidimensional nature that brought us here to this particular lifetime.

The external world doesn't have any influence in the level of freedom that we have, but it has influence in our perception of it, in proportion to the attention that we give to it.

We are already free beings and we can experience our freedom when we can detach our actions and perceptions from the conceptual ocean of judgement and control that arises from early education.

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