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A session is approximately 60 minutes.

Longer sessions depending on you requirements eg. 90-120 minute sessions for combination of Therapy and Healing. 

Using a combination of psycho/ spiritual and Energy Healing skills the energy healing technique clears, charges, and balances the energy field and chakras.


The healing can work at the quantum level helping to resolve chronic diseases. I work with different dimensions and levels to create coherency that will lead to improved health and a more authentic experience of who you are. 


You will lay on a massage table, fully clothed, and just receive and relax as much as possible. 

Spiritual Surgery, Hara Healing, Astral Healing, 6th Dimensional Healing, and others are the names of some of the healings that you can expect.

Every session is unique depending on the individual's needs.

Image by Edurne Tx

These sessions are done sitting with one person or remotely via zoom. Using my trainings and the Brennan Healing Practitioner (BIP) protocol, I hold a sacred space for you to connect to you, express whatever is there for you and work through a healing process.

This is a form of spiritual psychotherapy based in the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy.


There is immense life support in working through specific issues and helping to create the life you desire

to live.  

Past Life Regression Therapy

Held in a supported way, where you have a clear understanding this is your old memories and part of your system allows one to truly move beyond current life issues and trauma.

You are led into a deep space of relaxation and heightened consciousness and invited to see previous lifetime(s) that is a revelation for you in your present life experience.

OR taking you to a time in this life where something significant was experienced that you were previously unable to access the memories and find understanding and peace. 

Allowing profound insight and healing. 

Image by Rene Böhmer

From the lineage and training of Bert Hellinger's work, one can gain amazing insight into family or any life dynamic. But by accessing the "field" of the chosen constellation you are invited to see clearly old patterns and beliefs held in the field of your past and those of your family. 


These sessions are immensely supportive if you are working on and issue that is hard to find clarity or reason. 

To book an appointment online click on this link above. In office sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and online any time available. 
Feel free to call or message me directly for any questions on 307-299-5974



Remote healing is a type of Energy Medicine that doesn’t require the physical presence of the healer with the client. You can experience this healing from the comfort of your own home. 


A distant healing, lasting 60 minutes, can improve your immune system and respiratory system and protect your health overall.  This is because the energy field of the client is directly connected to the physical body.


When the healer works with the client’s energy field from a distance it directly affects any issues in the client’s physical body.

I have been providing remote healing for many years with clients who live in other states, countries or even continents. It is not important how far away the client is; what is important is the depth and level of remote contact I provide.


I have worked and helped clients with many different issues. Here is a list of different issues that can be resolved through distant healing:

  • Relational issues between family members.

  • Energetic and emotional unrest.

  • Infertility problems.

  • Broken bones. 

  • Surgery outcomes. 

  • Knee and hip replacements.

  • Structural alignment issues.

  • Finding your purpose in life.

  • Helping your Essence to shine stronger in your life.

  • To open up back to love.

  • Helping with transitions and lost. 

Here is a little bit more info on the various types of aliments I work with. 

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