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Remote Energy Healing for Everyone

Bring Healing into your body and life with Universal Healing.

A new Portal to receive pure Energy Healing. 



Universal Healing brings ENERGY MEDICINE to every corner of the planet. Making Energy Healing accessible, affordable and available so anyone, anywhere can experience healing and the expansion of consciousness that comes with it.


A group of highly trained Brennan Healing Science Practitioners hold every healing.  Clients from anywhere in the world, on any time zone, receive the healing they need. Every ONE HOUR healing works on a very specific body system and aspect of health. A



Invest in your Longer term health with our packages.

Gift your loved ones healing this year.

The Healers create a field that amplifies the healing for all, resulting in anything from a strong immediate healing of a specific symptom, illness or creating long term health in the body and energy fields. 

Life is energy and is in every aspect of our being, seen or unseen. These specialized healers are able to balance, transform and clear the energy of this system in a group healing. Allowing your body and system to regain its intrinsic health. 

To be healthy and live in our full energy is our birthright! 

Explore new possibilities for health and living. 

Transform your life and health now....... JOIN FOR $10 a healing. 


How to receive the healing...... By signing up you are automatically included in the healing.

We invite you to be open to receive. If you can relax in a comfortable place to experience it. 

Or you can continue with your day and you receive the healing regardless. 

It is not a zoom call. 

How it came to me....

In 2019, my wife, dog and I got into our truck and drove from Boulder, Colorado to Costa Rica and back, for 3 months....


One night in on a small island off Belize, I woke with a clear vision of bringing Energy Healing to the world in a way that anyone with a cell phone can access it.


That it will be held by a group of healers, and we will heal, ultimately, thousands.... 

It will be affordable and accessible to anyone who needs healing, anywhere.... 

Universal Healing was born then, we began in May 2020, during the height of the Coronavirus.

We have held at least one healing a constantly growing group of participants.

Many joined for the month or three. 

The impact of our healings on the individuals, healers and community has been incredibile to witness. 

Join us.... 

Many thanks 


Meditation to connect you to your inner world


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Spirit in body
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Internal Universe Meditation.
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