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Manel Casanova Healing


"My life passion is to help you find and claim your own power,
to support you to follow your longings and discover who you really are"

Are you looking for a new way to create Optimum Health?


Energy healing is an ancient science known to many traditional cultures as a means of creating health and harmony in the body-mind energy system.

Today, Energy Medicine is an advanced healing practice for facilitating deep healing and life changes, as well as creating a safe space for recovery from trauma, loss, divorce, and other difficult events that disrupt body-mind energy system.


I am a body-mind healer, working with clients across the globe, with both in person and remote healing sessions. 


Each healing session is a sacred experience.

With a natural affinity for energy medicine and creating a safe space to work with the individual's specific issues. I support my clients in their journey to create a joy-filled life that resonates with their deepest longings and enables them to live their highest potential.

I specialize in hands-on energy healing to release energy blocks and recreate the energy structure to support healing. This is also effective when done in remote energy healing sessions where I connect with my client's energy field and work on them.

Remote or distant energy healing is as powerful as if you are physically present with me.

Lack of health it is due to some unresolved trauma that is keeping the energy system activated in a defensive mode. I help you on closing that wound and support your system in the healing process.


My healings have helped with chronic illness and other diseases, depression, infertility, trauma, life changes, as well as supporting surgeries and sports injuries.

My work has been described in many ways: guide, energy healer, life coach, spiritual adviser, shamanic, and intuitive healer.

I support you in healing any conditions you are facing and finding optimum health.

My certifications include seven years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, one year of Constellations Work, and others including Bodhi Medicine, Giodo Shiatsu, Reiki, Past Life Regressions, Tantra, Matrix Energetics, and more.

I have taught the science of Energy Healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for the past seven years. 

Reach the Top

5th Dimensional Health

"Your health is a spiritual experience. When we disregard our spiritual nature our health suffers from separation. To know who you really are is the best medicine and the best recipe for success."

-Manel Casanova-

Nothing in Nature is meaningless, malignant, or diseased.”

- Dr. Hamer -

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