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Integrating The Corona Virus.

It is well know that viruses and bacteria are an integral part of our physical body. They are part of our genetic information. We evolve integrating the new aspects of nature that affect us.

If we have a healthy enough immune system the integration will happens in a smooth way. I would say that it happens in a natural way with the help of our Lymphatic system.

If we are weak, tired or unhealthy the integration can be more complicated. We might have to go trough an illness process and we might need some external help.

This process of integration is similar for all type of changes in life.

A healthy and open emotional and energetic system will integrate wanted and unwanted changes in life in a natural way.

In this time of change and integration I would recommend to keep or increase a healthy life style that helps your immune system to be strong and fluid. I would recommend to integrate and welcome all your fears and different emotions into the Love, Power and Wisdom that is in you as a natural intrinsic part of who you are.

And remember that I'm here to help you if you need support.

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