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Embodiment of the Soul.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. In another words, we are the energy that creates and embodies the material body and affects the material world.

I remember a very enlightening moment some years ago when Barbara Brennan told us that the process of incarnation is an ongoing process trough our whole life.

Incarnation is not something that happens once when we are in the womb; It's not something that stops when our body is fully grown either. We are in a constant dance of embodiment with this physical world and our spiritual nature.

The consciousness that we are,chooses to have this unique experience. We chose what kind of experience we are having.

Our soul comes to this life individuated, with a purpose and with some longings that might be challenging but the passion of our soul will lead us to pursuit them.

So, our passion and what we like, with a natural sense of curiosity are part of the guidance that leads us to feel welcome to this material state.

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