Remote Healing


Remote healing is a type of healing that doesn’t require the physical presence of the healer with the client. You can experience this healing from the comfort of your own home. This is paramount during the global health pandemic caused by the covid-19 virus. 


A distant healing, lasting 60 minutes, can improve your immune system and respiratory system and protect your health overall.  This is because the energy field of the client is directly connected to the physical body.


When the healer works with the client’s energy field from a distance it directly affects any issues in the client’s physical body.

Here's how it works;













I have been providing remote healings for many years with clients that live in other states, countries or even continents. It is not important how far away the client is; what is important is the depth and level of remote contact I provide.


I have worked and healed clients with many different issues. Here is a list of different issues that can be resolved through distant healing:

  • Relational issues between family members.

  • Infections, viruses and bacteria.

  • Infertility problems.

  • Broken bones. 

  • Surgery outcomes. 

  • Knee and hip replacements.

  • Structural alignments issues.

  • Finding your purpose in life.

  • Helping your Essence to shine stronger in your life.

  • To open up to love and to find the person that is ready to love you.

Here is a little bit more info on the various types of aliments I can heal;



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