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Hands-on Healing session

Using a combination of psycho/ spiritual and Energy Healing skills the energy healing technique clears, charges and balances the energy field and chakras.  

The healing can work at the quantum level and change your DNA helping to resolve chronic diseases. I work with different dimensions and levels to help to create coherency that will lead to health and to a more authentic experience of who you are. 


You will lay on a massage table, fully clothed and just receive and relax as much as possible. 

Spiritual Surgery, Hara Healing, Astral Healing, 6th Dimensional Healing, and others are the names of some of the healings that you can expect.

Every session is totally different depending on the individual's needs.

Remote Healing session

This session is done remotely.  I work energetically with your multidimensional being, as I do with my hands on sessions. You relax wherever you are and I connect with you.


BIP sessions

This is done sitting with one person or distantly on skype. I hold a sacred space for you to connect to you, express whatever is there for you and work through a healing process. Spiritual psychotherapy. 


This is immense life support in working through specific issues and helping to create the life you desire to live. 

A session is approximately 60 minutes.


Book a session today by filling out our contact form.