"I had been battling to conceive for many years, though there was no physical reason for our infertility". I tried medical fertility treatments, diet, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology etc and nothing worked. In November 2015 I did a hand on healing with Manel, I was pregnant 2 weeks later and welcomed beautiful baby girl last summer". Danielle, Denver, USA, 2017.


"After suffering from Asthma all my life, I began a series of sessions with Manel. After the first healing, my asthma was gone. I continued working with him, both through hands-on healing and distant sessions as I traveled.  I discovered the roots of this lifetime illness, which lead to a process of healing many things from my life and childhood. Allowing me to let go of beliefs and patterns, that had affected my whole life. I have experienced a profound feeling of well-being and freedom ever since. And am rapidly creating a dream life I never imagined possible before. " Elizabeth, Cape Town, South Africa 2016


"I had a severe stroke in 2012, and the rehabilitation was incredibly slow though I am only in my 50s. Doctors were worried that I was not recovering as expected and I was becoming very depressed. I started long distant healings with Manel on a weekly basis, he worked deeply with the energies around me, and what the stroke was on a deep, spiritual level. Almost immediately my depression lifted as I took responsibility for my life and healing. Within weeks my doctors were amazed at the rapid recovery and disappearing impairment."  David, Santa Barbara, USA 2013 


"Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 was the hugest shock of my life. Manel's healing supported me through the surgery and months of chemotherapy. I feel he saved my life and brought my angels close all the way." Sam, Hong Kong, 2017