About Manel


I am a Healer and a Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, working with clients across the globe, with one on one healing, skype sessions, and remote healing. With a 20 years study and experience, a natural affinity to energy healing and creating a safe space to work with the individual’s specific issues, supporting them to create a life that resonates with their deepest longings, filled with joy and living one's highest potential. 


Based in Boulder, Colorado my work also encompasses the intense healing power of nature leading groups in mountain retreats and deep process in the Rocky Mountains. 


I am a man with a seeking mind and soul. I have a deep love for nature, people, consciousness, and healing. 


Growing up in Catalonia, Spain, I lived a ‘conventional life’; study, work. marriage,  two beautiful children.


In my early twenties, I discovered climbing in the Pyrenees, which led me to spend a lot of time outdoors and establish a deep connection with nature and a fascination with the spiritual world.

Climbing some of the highest mountains in America lead me to have important spiritual experiences that open me to new possibilities and to a fresh curiosity for my own purpose in life.


While running a Vertical Works business and raising my family I began training in the various healing modalities of Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Past Life Regression.


After a 3 month pilgrimage in India, it was clear my life journey is that of a healer and empowering the individuals to find their highest potential.  


I moved to the USA and began my 7-year studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in Florida. I also did one year of training in Constellation Work and connected with Native American healing traditions.

 Now I'm a teacher of Brennan Healing Science in PS3 at BBSH.


My healings have helped with chronic illness, depression, infertility, supported surgeries and many other diseases or suffering.

Facilitating deep life changes and creating a space for recovery from loss, divorce, life changes, stress. 

Working with the individual and their life I am guided to support their journey to healing whatever gentle or strong way is needed. Hands-on energetic healing, moving energetic blocks and allowing healing to happen. This is also as effective done as a remote energy healing. BIP sessions.


My work has been described in many different ways, guide, energy healer, life coach, spiritual adviser, Shamanic and intuitive healer. 


My life passion is to help you to find and claim your own power. To support you to follow your longings and discover who you really are.